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We and the World Around

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We and the World Around - As the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh prepares to commemorate the centenary of its existence, this one of its kind landmark work is a timely mirror into the thought process of the Sangh on varied issues. It offers an insider's view on Sangh, layered with a nuanced understanding of the concept of 'Bharat' as it was conceived by our ancient rishis, as practiced by myriad generations of inheritors and as it will be in the grand scheme of human existence.

There is great depth to Bharatiyata which is illuminated with incisive discourse over complex concepts like Dharma, Swattva (selfhood), Hindutva and Sanatanta. With references ranging from the Upanishads to lives of great contemporary luminaries, the author re-awakens the very soul of Bharat and provides insights into much-talked-about contemporary issues like 'secularism', 'liberalism' and the concept of 'Akhand Bharat'.

Dr. Vaidya's simple language, anecdotes, erudition and a lived-connect with the Bharatiya society immerse the reader in deep contemplation on who we are and who we want to become.

डॉ. मनमोहन वैद्य (Manmohan Vaidya)

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