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Black Calf @ White Snow

Hans Sande लेखक
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DEAR MOTHERI have decided to run away. Sinister things are happening here on the farm, but nobody talks about them. I dare not stay here any longer. Dare not wait and see what is going to happen to me. I don't want to be disappeared suddenly.Love from me'


Black Calf @White Snow is an existential novel told through a series of emails between Mother and Son. The headstrong Krollalfa (Curly Alpha) is a young calf who has run away from the farm, up to the free life of the summer pasture. His mother Krollbrura (Curly Bride) tries to coax him back to the safety and warmth of the cowshed-but Krollalfa refuses, knowing the fate that awaits young bull calves like him.Despairing for her son's safety and obstinacy, the powerless mother hopes to protect the child from afar. She tells him of her own visits to the pasture, grazing on the clover, dreaming of strong bulls and keeping away from scary wolves. Krollalfa learns to wag his tail from his sheep friends-Where and Wherefore-and finds the same clover meadow, feasting to his heart's content.However, it will soon be winter and impossible to survive in the snow. Will Krollalfa relent and come back to the farm? Black Calf @ White Snow is a tender, whimsical and illuminating fable about parental relationships, freedom and truth. Available for the first time in English in an evocative translation-with vivid illustrations-it is destined to be a classic. A book all children and adults must read.


'Black Calf @White Snow explores important aspects of life, for both cattle and humans, and addresses itself to readers of all ages.'-Bergens Tidende

Marietta Taralrud Maddrell (Marietta Taralrud Maddrell)

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तेजी ग्रोवर (Teji Grover)

तेजी ग्रोवर वर्ष 1995-1997 के दौरान प्रेमचंद सृजनपीठ, उज्जैन की अध्यक्षता एवं वर्ष 1989 में भारतभूषण अग्रवाल स्मृति पुरस्कार, 2003 में रज़ा फाउंडेशन फेलोशिप और वरिष्ठ कलाकारों हेतु नेशनल कल्चरल फ़ेलोशि

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Hans Sande (Hans Sande)


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