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In 1826, a ship full of workers was headed towards the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. This was the beginning of separation of millions of Indians from their roots. Will this tale of the greed of a Herculean empire and the struggle of Indian immigrants be forgotten? How would these illiterate people survive on those islands alien to them? Will their future generations lose their Indianness?

The writer sets on investigating this migration via archives, reports in various languages and Girmit ancestors. He can visualise an India surrounded by conspiracy and torture, with its roots still prevalent in society. In the files from Mauritius to Canada, many such secrets lie buried, that raise questions on the British government. Also, when the same food is being cooked in a village in South America and a village in Basti, one mustn't forget that the 'Great Indian Diaspora' is a family.


This is the history of the greatest migration from India, which is almost forgotten. Thousands of people were sent on ships to various islandsby the British Raj. They were made to sign on a contract, which many couldn't read or understand. This is the story of struggle of those Indians and the greed of colonial powers. Story of Indians far away from the mainland. The story raises many questions to the imperialists who allowed it to happen. Many never returned. Many never got justice. Many never asked for any compensation. The burden still remains on the british crown.

पूजा प्रियंवदा (Pooja Priyamvada)

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प्रवीण कुमार झा (Praveen Kumar Jha )

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